A Canada visitor visa — also referred to as a temporary resident visa (TRV) — is an official entry permit from the Canadian immigration authorities. Most travelers (and some temporary visitors transiting through a Canadian airport) will need a visitor visa in order to pass through the border.

Canadian visitor visas may be for single or multiple entries. Single-entry visas can be applied for up to six months prior to the estimated travel date and cover a single regulated visit to Canada. Multiple-entry visas are given for periods of up to ten years. They allow travelers to enter the country and stay for six months at a time as many times as they want.

How to apply for a Canadian visitor visa?

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Travelers can apply for a Canada visitor visa either online or on paper. A complete application package has to be submitted to a local Canadian visa office for review. The office will then either issue a visa or schedule an interview where an immigration specialist will confirm the following:

  • the legitimacy of your reason for visiting Canada;
  • the traveler’s ability and intent to return to their home country after their visitor visa ends;
  • the traveler’s overall admissibility to Canada.

The primary Canada visitor visa requirements include:

  1. Having a valid travel document.
  2. Being in good health (passing a health check with a certified medical facility might be required).
  3. Having no criminal history.
  4. Providing proof of having ties to the traveler’s country of origin (a job, a family, monetary assets).
  5. Having enough money to fund the trip. The amount of money will depend on the duration of the traveler's stay.

As of August 2020, the Canada visitor visa government fee is $100 CAD.

How to check Canadian visitor visa application status?

If you filed your application on paper, that application can be linked to an online account. When done, you will be able to see updates and receive messages about the status of your application.

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If you applied online, log in to your account and click "check status and messages" to see the status of your application.

How long is Canadian visitor visa valid for?

Typically, a visitor visa is given for a period of six months. The exact period is determined by a border service officer when you enter the country. Additionally, most travelers are issued a visitor record that shows the date of entry and the date by which the traveler will need to leave the country.


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