How to restore your Canadian permanent resident status

Concerned that you’ve lost your permanent residency in Canada? Most likely this is not the case: permament resident status cannot be lost by itself — it can only be revoked.

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Revocation of permanent residency after immigrating to Canada

Permanent resident (PR) status — even though provided indefinitely — can be rescinded if you fail to adhere to certain rules. The main requirement is to physically reside in Canada for no less than two years out of any five-year period. Permanent residents may also have their status revoked if they are charged with a criminal offense or any other action that would entail the enforcement of a removal order.

If you fail to adhere to either of these requirements, your PR status can and will be revoked.

Additionally, any permanent resident can be relieved of their status if they voluntarily relinquish their residency. PR status is also forfeited if the permanent resident transitions into a Canadian citizen.

Having an expired card does not result in your residency being rescinded

All permanent residents are issued PR cards that serve as evidence of their legal status in Canada and remain valid for five years. Like an expired passport does not mean loss of citizenship, expired PR card does not result in loss of PR status — it just has to be renewed after a certain period of time. Permanent residents retain their status even with an expired PR card.

Expired cards need to be reissued in order to be used when traveling in and out of Canada: incoming travelers need to show their permanent resident card at the border to be granted entry.

Failure to comply with residency obligations does not necessarily result in losing PR status

In certain situations, individuals are allowed to retain their status even without staying in the country for the required two years.

In particular, the indemnity covers permanent residents that are employed with Canadian companies and need to spend lengthy periods of time abroad in order to fulfill their work assignments. The exception is also extended to their spouses and dependents if they accompany the individual in question to their new location.

Submit proof of your particular circumstance to immigration authorities to prevent any unpleasant situations.

Is your PR status jeopardized? Consult with a specialist!

With no PR card renewal services available to individuals outside of Canada, finding out that your PR card is about to expire is especially unpleasant when traveling abroad. Turning to the embassy or the Canadian consulate in the country you are visiting is usually the first thing that comes to mind but may not be the best thing to do, as it can lead to a permanent revocation of your PR status.

Reach out to an immigration consultant: getting support from a professional lawyer means that your case will be presented to the authorities in the best light possible and usually results in higher success rates compared to non-supported applications.

We help counteract the toughest cases of PR status revocation

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