Top 7 Canada Visa Application Mistakes to Avoid

Applying for a visa on your own means that an error or two may slip in. Worried about missing a key requirement or overlooking a small detail? That’s understandable. Learn more about the seven major mistakes to avoid when filing for a Canadian visa.


Getting an Education in Canada

Canada’s diversity, world-famous civil liberties, and overall friendly environment make this country a coveted destination for foreign students. With prices significantly lower when compared to the United States and the UK, the country also provides easily-attainable temporary visas for foreign students looking to study in one of Canada's world-famous universities.


Canadian Temporary Visa Overview

Traveling to Canada to work, study, for leisure activities, or for business purposes will require filing for a temporary visa (or TRV - temporary resident visa). These visas are issued for a limited period of time with the exact period determined by the immigration officer at the border upon arrival.


The amount of funds to show in a Canadian visa application

Any application for a temporary visa to Canada must demonstrate that the applicant can afford the proposed trip to the country. Here we explain how to understand how much money you should demonstrate in your visa application.


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