Federal Court of Canada - Judicial Review Part II

This part of our two-piece article will cover the steps you need to take in order to apply for a judicial review with the Federal Court of Canada.


Federal Court of Canada - Judicial Review Part I

In Canada the judicial review process allows individuals to challenge the actions and decisions of the immigration authorities – the CIC – by filing a petition with the Federal Court. Filing for a judicial review means that you are asking the court to reconsider the CIC’s decision to deny your application.


Extend Your Stay in Canada

Want to find out how to extend your stay in Canada? If you want to study in the country longer, you will need to extend your temporary visa with the immigration authorities. Read this article to learn how and when to apply for an extension.


How to Immigrate Through Opening a Business in Canada?

Curious about immigrating to Canada through opening a business in the country? This article will explore the steps you'll need to take to qualify for permanent residency as an owner of a Canadian-based business.


Employer Reference Letter for Canada Immigration Programs

An employer reference letter for a Canadian visa serves three main purposes. It proves that the applicant is employed, has a steady source of income enough to cover their travel expenses, and that their employer is aware of and okay with them taking time off of their job.


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