Canadian Temporary Visa Overview

Visit Canada as a guest, tourist, or entrepreneur.


Getting a Canadian temporary visa is a straightforward task if prepared for properly

Obtaining a temporary Canadian visa may be tricky. Unlike most other developed countries that have made their visas relatively easy to acquire – like the European Union or the United Kingdom – getting your hands on a Canadian visa requires real work.

Make sure you are familiar with all of the steps of the process and check off all of the requirements before planning your trip to Canada.

Your visa application can be refused by the authorities

Having your visa application refused by the Canadian authorities is more common than not. Getting a refusal does not prevent you from trying again and does not mean that future applications will also be refused. There is no limit to the number of times you can re-apply for a visa and reviewing your refusals may help you make positive alterations to future applications.

There are certain practices that you should stick to if and when your application is refused. These include making sure that your supporting documents are relevant, factual, and up-to-date, double-checking eligibility for the type of visa you’ve chosen, gathering additional references and recommendations, etc.

Temporary visas for tourists, guests, workers, students, and entrepreneurs

Traveling to Canada to work, study, for leisure activities, or for business purposes will require you to apply for and secure a visa.

Visas issued to tourists, guests, workers, students, and entrepreneurs all fall under the category of Canadian temporary visas – or Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs) – with the only non-temporary visa issued to individuals eligible for immigration.

All of these visas are valid for a different and strictly-limited period of time – two weeks at least and six months at most – determined by a border service officer an immigration or officer at the airport upon arrival.

Your application for the temporary visa will have to show that you’ve met all official requirements

Every type of visa will have its own set of requirements that you will have to meet in order to be granted entry. Canadian immigration officers are the ones tasked with determining whether or not an applicant meets these requirements based on the provided application and supporting documents.

All officers are specifically trained in determining what makes an application worthy of being accepted. There is no list of what makes a good application; however, there are factors that play into the effect of an application getting rejected. One of these triggers is providing incomplete or false information. Getting your facts straight will greatly impact your chances of success.

There is no interview when you apply – all information must be included in your application

Canada does conduct interviews with visa applicants unless absolutely necessary – which is rare, at best.

What this means is that your application and supporting documents will have to answer any and all questions that the immigration authorities may have. If your immigration officer decides that the provided information is not enough, your application will be refused.

Every consecutive refusal will cost you precious time and money – consider reapplying only if you’ve got something to change or add to your original application.

A winning TRV application will take some time and effort to prepare

With the standard TRV application averaging at about 40 or more pages, it does take some time and effort to get right. The effort required to put together a solid application is something that not all applicants are ready for.

The process will be just as challenging regardless of whether you are applying via mail or through an online form. Familiarize yourself with the specifics of both methods: failing to do so may jeopardize any chances you have of obtaining a visa

It’s also crucial that you start working on it at least several weeks in advance.

Our team will help you get as close to a perfect application as possible

No two cases are the same. Every application we work with requires our team to collect and compile solid arguments that prove the client's eligibility for the selected type of TRV. The application package has to convince the immigration authorities that the client has met all of their requirements.

Every visa application that we tackle is as comprehensive and thorough as possible.

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