What Is a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

Canada-based companies are required to obtain permission before hiring foreign citizens


Looking for a job with a Canadian company

All employers in Canada are obligated to qualify for a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Firms are only allowed to hire international workers if they can secure the aforementioned positive LMIA.

An employer can only recruit foreign workers with a positive LMIA

LMIA is an official inquiry by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) that assesses whether a company can employ a non-Canadian worker without adversely affecting the Canadian business landscape in general.

Businesses can apply for LMIA after they have proven that they have tried and failed to fill the current vacancy with a Canadian resident. Obtaining a positive evaluation at the end shows that there is an actual demand for a foreign professional to fill the position.

How to find a job as an international worker in Canada

The first step in getting hired is to find an employer who needs your specific skills and experience. After you contact the business and successfully pass the interview, the business owner will need to file for an LMIA with the ESDC. If the application is successfully approved, a positive LMIA letter will be enough reason for you to apply for a Canadian work permit.

Qualifying for an LMIA means adhering to strict requirements

The requirements proposed by the ESDC are very detailed and subject to change regularly and without notice. Another major difficulty associated with obtaining a positive LMIA is related to the very detailed treatment that each application goes through.

The business owner is personally responsible for collecting all the information required in the application and collecting all supporting documents. Some of the documents required with the application include:

  • report stating the total annual income of the employer;
  • description of the job offered to the foreign worker;
  • skills required from a prospective job seeker;
  • salary and any benefits that will be available to the employee;
  • brief profile of the foreign employee, etc.

Each application is reviewed with great attention to detail - even a slight error can lead to a failed LMIA.

The LMIA package must include all supporting sheets

The LMIA is not a simple one-page form. Instead, the application is a bundle of several forms and supporting documents often exceeding 60 pages in total. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that all documents submitted with the LMIA application are true, complete, and up to date.

These applications are taken very seriously since the assessment itself is supposed to protect the Canadian labor market.

Our team helps represent employers throughout the application process

As of the last few years, more and more Canadian employers opt for working with an immigration consultant when preparing their LMIA application. Preparing a winning case takes a lot of time and effort that not everyone has to spare.

Our team of immigration professionals has helped countless applicants successfully traverse the hassle of paperwork and qualify for a positive LMIA.

A well-prepared LMIA application will have a higher success rate

An expertly-prepared LMIA made in accordance with the most up-to-date guidelines has a high probability of getting approved by the ESDC.

The best route to take is working with an immigration consultant, who can make sure that your application is prepared with attention to detail and submitted within the existing framework for such procedures.

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